Monday, December 7, 2009

Robert’s BCS Ramblings…..

Robert’s BCS Ramblings…..


There are several arguments for this arrangement
(1) it's about $$$, TV market share, attendance at the games, etc….fundamentally that equals $$$$
(2) they are treating the non BCS conference teams like BCS conference teams. If we had 2 other BCS conference teams unbeaten we'd want them to play.
(3) This is the right bowl selection based on the best available data
Alabama: beat 9 teams over .500, strength of schedule #1
Texas: beat 9 teams over .500, strength of schedule #31
Florida: beat 8 teams of .500, strength of schedule #3
Cin: beat 7 teams over .500, strength of schedule #45
TCU: beat 6 teams over .500, strength of schedule #74
Boise State: beat 5 teams over .500, strength of schedule #83

While Texas played like crap no doubt, all the undefeated teams have had 1 or more close calls and some luck, Bama blocked a FG to stay undefeated, Texas found a way to turn back time and made a field goal, CIN came back from 21 down….. I won’t argue for Texas to be up against Bama, but do wonder if someone is more deserving and why….

Personally, I think some of the other non-BCS conferences need to help us all out by having a championship game (Big East, Mountain West, WAC,..), and/or maybe have these non BCS conferences play for entry to the BCS, that would get them to the same game count and force a game at the end of season that matters. Ie: have those conferences pick the top 2 teams for a playoff game for entry into BCS just like UT and Bama did.

No doubt it’s tough getting to the big dance, make your schedule to tough and you end up beaten down by the end and have close calls, too easy and you get no respect, play in a conference with a championship game and possibly get knocked out (Florida) after 12 tough games vs the guy that plays in a conference w/o a championship and play 1-11 or 3-10 teams as their last game. If you re-call, Arkansas bumped Texas off the schedule this year trying to reduce their schedule strength. All the teams trying to make the dance are faced with these decisions.

We can either love it or hate it, fact is this is exactly what they wanted when they created the BCS. Fans talking about college football, water cooler discussions, Facebook exchanges,…it adds a real side to college football. Enough so that some will even BLOG about it…..and when it’s all over we’ll still have something to talk about as we wait for next year.